Loss Prevention and Evidence Gathering

Geovision’s GV-VMS integrates with existing Windows-based POS consoles. This allows for the transactions made at the POS machines to automatically embed into recorded video and sync with the cloud. Transactions are keyword searchable and suspicious transactions can generate automatic notifications. Read more

The Future of Biometrics

In computer science, there exists a mathematical idea known as “Moore’s Law”. This law describes an exponential relationship between time into the future and, essentially, the number of logic gates that we can fit on a silicon chip. It also relates to how much smaller our processors have gotten over time and it is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

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Video Surveillance and Access Control in Clinical Settings

While most pharmacy chains and mainstream retailers which feature pharmacies tend to handle their security internally, individual physician (or other clinician) offices are often left surprisingly vulnerable to not just outside attack, but to internal theft among staff and even from patients.

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Geovision 360 degree dual fisheye camera can provide real-time panorama view

GV-VR360 – 360 Degree with VR Viewing

This new camera in the GV line is the first to feature a VR mode. Google cardboard is sufficient with just the Youtube mobile app as a platform. If you have ever used Google Cardboard or any other VR device, you will have an idea of what this camera mode is like.

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