Gunshot Detection

With “gun violence” continuing to occupy the thoughts of an American public that is never over one massacre before another begins, it is hardly even necessary to show statistics in order to convey the message.

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Eagle Eye

Cloud Based Security

“The Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS provides 100% cloud management, 100% mobile and web browser viewing, and if you want – 100% cloud recording. ” “VMS” stands for Video Management System, letting you know that this is an all inclusive “turn-key” system. The VMS from Eagle Eye was built from the ground up to be a fully cloud based system. Cameras can be clicked and added whenever you desire. The same is true for recordings.

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Thermal Imaging

Thermographic or Infrared (IR) cameras create images using IR radiation as apposed to the visible light used in conventional cameras. Basically, what this means is that they are able to “see” heat as it radiates from an object and then display the differences in heat within its picture as various shades of grey in black and white video. Thermal cameras are therefore able to see through objects when a heat source is inside, require no light, and are not affected by things like smoke or dust.

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STST System Catches Gate Destruction

Caught On Camera! Recently, Security Technology of South Texas Inc, installed a video surveillance for a local Home Owners Association that had been experiencing problems with people hitting the security gates at their community.