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Moving Access Control Into Interior Openings In Large Complexes

  Technology exists in a co-evolutionary relationship with the people who use it. When technology evolves to become faster or smarter, the user follows. Innovations come to fill the gap in solving the end-users problems. Electronic access control follows this pattern as well. Where it was traditionally found surrounding the perimeter of a building and […]

Intersection of AI, Drones, and 5G

The blogs on this site have taken multiple looks at these emerging technologies. Here, we will look at what a convergence of these three technologies may allow in the future of the security industry. 5G internet is of course not out yet, set to go into operation in the U.S. in the early 2020s, but […]

Using Drones to Identify Violent Behavior in Crowds

  The term “AI” is becoming a bit of a buzzword lately, but pairing it with drones to perform a specific task is exactly the kind of real-world application for which the kind of narrow AI that we have now is best suited. Reseachers used a drone to transmit video via 4G internet so as […]