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Voiceprints: The Next Thing in Biometrics

  A voiceprint is a set of measurable characteristics of a human voice that uniquely identifies an individual. Based on both the physical configuration of the speaker’s mouth and throat, these biometrics can then be expressed as a mathematical formula. “The term applies to a vocal sample recorded for that purpose, the derived mathematical formula, and […]

Retail Security: Intelligent Video

As brick and mortar companies continue to drive the level of competition up in the retail market space as they compete against online companies offering free shipping and very low prices, they must seek every possible advantage so as to grow their revenues while still addressing conventional security threats such as inventory loss through internal […]

Securing and Configuring in The Cloud

Over the last decade, cloud computing and storage has rapidly changed the way businesses of all kinds operate.  Modern enterprises that wish to stay competitive turn increasingly to a hybrid IT environment which allows them to leverage advantages of cloud based solutions alongside having whatever physical hardware that they maintain on-site. Cloud infrastructure is highly […]

Using Videofied to Secure Semi-Public Areas

In the most recent article we took a look at the way CheckVideo systems can be used to secure semi-public areas, specifically pools. Another option, and one which Security Technology of South Texas has implemented in multiple settings from pools and gated communities to construction yards and outdoor storage areas, is Videofied. Videofied is what […]