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Cyber Threats to the US Power Grid

Every day billions of activities from across multiple digital platforms must be monitored and checked by cyber security experts working to protect the US power grid from cyber attack. 24 hours a day, workers must monitor electronic messages from both within the state owned power utilities themselves and from the outside. The IT infrastructure of […]

Surveillance Cameras’ Feeds Made Vulnerable Due to Bug: Zero-Day Exploits

Last month researchers from cybersecurity firm Digital Defense disclosed they had discovered a vulnerability in Nuuo NVRmini 2 Network Video Recorder firmware, basic software which is used in hundreds of thousands of IP surveillance cameras across the world. The Linux-based software is used in a wide array of the company’s IP cameras, supports NAS storage […]

Intelligent Video Solutions for Campuses

The promise of AI enabled video in academic settings centers around finding solutions to the social issue of school gun violence. 2018 was in fact the worst year for gun violence by number of incidents in our nation’s history, and this reality is driving demand for innovative campus security solutions. Intelligent video technology facilitates school […]