Automated Critical Security

With school and workplace shootings at an historic peak, the challenge of keeping the wrong ones out while still processing tens of thousands of people through residential and business high-rise complexes can seem impossible. Two of the most crucial elements underpinning these security operations are guard tour management systems and ensuring that all of the fire and safety gear complies with maintenance and inspection requirements. Both of these processes can be improved and hastened with greater accuracy using trusted identities.

Guard tour management refers to a three part problem. First off, all keys must be tracked. When using physical keys, this is critical if you don’t want to worry about duplications. All guards will need to visit their checkpoints using the most efficient routes, and a process for auditing the hours that contractors are billing for must be put into place if it does not already exist.

NFC (near field communication) tags can be combined with a cloud-based system for authentication to essentially automate any of those processes. NFC tags assigned only to these “trusted identities” will therefore speed up the integration of key management, “security patrol, and contractor services”( ) into just one solution.

The system created allows secure “proof-of-presence” while allowing the delivery of more accurate and useful data in real time. It can be deployed using existing IT infrastructure along with standard NFC-enabled mobile devices or computers. To implement an “automated key management system”, the trusted NFC tags are used to assign unique identities to each key. In order to check out any of these physical keys, the user must first tap a mobile device or tablet with the NFC and enter their authorized identity. The system will notify the user when to return the key, and he will repeat that simple process to return it.

A similar system of NFC checkpoints is used to manage guard patrol and tours. In outdoor environments, heavy-duty versions of the NFC tags are employed. By having the guards tap these checkpoints, you can be sure you really do have someone on-site where and when they tell you they are. Should the guard run into any problems, the smartphone or tablet they are using can generate a detailed report to include any photo or video and sound. Escalation protocol can be undertaken according to existing standards should a break-in or similar incident be “live”.

These are just a couple of examples of the types of systems that can be built using NFC tags. Highly redundant, robust security systems can be integrated with traditional human guard patrols to produce a nearly unprecedented level of commercial security in this way. Doors with physical keys can be left as they are instead of necessarily installing access control on each and every door, and the user can be assured in knowing that their personnel are where they say they are.

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