Avigilon Blue: A Powerful New Integrator Cloud Service Platform

            Avigilon Blue is a new product from industry leader in IP video and access control Avigilon. What makes this product unique is its ability to integrate on premise using a “quick-to-deploy Avigilon Blue Connect device that stores all video locally while sending video analytics clips to the cloud.” (Avigilon.com)
           This cloud-based, software-as-a-service platform is easy to set up, configure, and link to the cloud. This process takes only minutes and uses universal “plug-and-play” network protocols with an intuitive web-based user interface.
Once logged in to the system, the administrator can access Avigilon’s Subscription Center to view real-time account and subscriber information. The dashboard, viewable on any typical Internet connected device, allows quick identification of trends and system behaviors to isolate problems without dispatching personnel to the site being monitored.
The platforms also supports both Avigilon and ONVIF compliant cameras, using real-time alarm notifications on any desktop or mobile device to bring attention to critical events requiring the most immediate attention.
Probably the greatest asset of Avigilon Blue is its simplicity. What looks like a cable-box or router, the compact blue box that houses Avigilon Blue can be located anywhere in the facility reachable by network cabling. The software is intuitive and easy to configure even for IT novices. Furthermore, Avigilon Blue is highly scalable. As the need for expansion arises, Avigilon Blue can keep pace.
            The platform is powered by Microsoft Azure and leverages cloud services that are built, deployed, and managed through a global network of trusted datacenters, providing enterprise-grade security right out of the box.
Avigilon Blue aims to be a game changing security platform for enterprises both great and small. As the industry moves more and more into the cloud, Avigilon Blue will be leading the way on the bleeding edge of hosted security services for the coming years.
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Source: Avigilon.com