Brivo: A Fully Integrated Security Platform

Brivo systems for building security and access control are able to automate security and management of access control systems for buildings. These systems are fully scalable and are cloud-based.

The features of a Brivo access control system are robust and extensive. With general access control, building access control can be automated and include reports to your phone. Brivo offers a mobile management platform which allows administrators to enable users to access doors with their phones remotely. Visitor management is also a focus, and a comfortable and welcoming environment is maintained while still automating tracking of visitors.

Video surveillance cameras will offer real-time visual access to critical areas and simple access to visual records. Identity management updates the user identity across multiple IT systems. Elevator control is also available. This allows a view of who has access to what floors as well as the ability to manage elevator traffic in taller tower buildings.

Brivo uses a unique security platform called Brivo Onair API. This cloud-based solution allows building access control to be custom designed with centralized management. Of course, without solid cybersecurity, electronic systems such as these are vulnerable to attack and exploitation. Brivo builds their products to use 256 bit AES encryption, with no open inbound ports to allow for attacks. Real-time alerts allow administrators to see DDos and Bot attacks and begin to take action against the attack.

AES 256 bit encryption is the same protocol used in banks, and Brivo also employs a SHA256 certificate with a 4096-bit key. Control panels communicate on just a single outbound port (443), which greatly reduces the “attack surface” that open ports create in a network. The Onair Cloud service also has components to detect bots and DDos attacks, with every production component having a redundant counterpart. This includes firewalls, load balancers, web servers, application servers and database servers. Furthermore, an independent auditor conducts annual SOC 2 audits to verify full security and compliance of Brivo Onair systems.

This is a small summation of the technology behind Brivo’s industry leading access control and video surveillance technology. By putting total control in your hands, this cloud-based system allows simple, time-efficient management of systems of any scale remotely.

The user can feel safe in the knowledge that Brivo is aware of potential risks and attack vectors, and has taken measures to protect against them. While these details of cybersecurity are not often looked at in depth in articles about access control, they are critical in ensuring the safety and viability of the system, and without them, an access control system may merely be creating new vulnerabilities to a buildings security and safety.



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