Campus Security Moves To The Cloud

Traditionally, school video surveillance security consisted of a few low quality analog cameras, connected to a DVR, watching exterior areas and hallways.  As is the case with analog cameras, the video quality was poor and the recorded video required an onsite visit to view footage.

Thanks to Eagle Eye Networks, that has all changed.  As an authorized integrations provider for Eagle Eye Networks cloud video surveillance in the South Texas market, Security Technology of South Texas, Inc. is helping school districts as well as all types of commercial enterprises with high resolution smart cameras and cloud connected/managed services.  Cloud cameras eliminate the need for local recorders and allow instant access to video on campus in real-time.  In case of an emergency situation – when information delivered to first responders quickly becomes the difference in life and death – the Eagle Eye system has the unique advantage of delivering crisp, clear video via the cloud interface.  Below is an example of how Eagle Eye Networks have helped Oakwood High School address their safety and security issues:

Oakwood High School did not have a video surveillance system on campus, so they did not have complete visibility into what was happening among their 300 students.  The principal was looking for a solution that would allow the staff to view multiple locations at once to ensure safety and to assist with resolving on-campus disputes.

Oakwood High School decided to implement Eagle Eye’s Cloud Security Camera VMS throughout their campus. They granted access to key faculty members as well as the city’s police chief so that all parties can view video footage from their phones, adding an extra layer of security should any incidents occur. The principal also monitors the video footage to ensure no students are loitering in the halls, the third shift custodial staff is doing their job properly, and that no suspicious activity is taking place near or on the campus.

“Eagle Eye is better than I imagined. I’ve used it beyond our intended security purposes. When there’s a disciplinary issue, the video gives me a better idea of what happened. There’s no more dealing with he said, she said arguments – Eagle Eye has become my third eye. We have already decided to implement this system throughout our district.”

Tim Lee

Principal, Oakwood High School