The Future of Biometrics

In computer science, there exists a mathematical idea known as “Moore’s Law”. This law describes an exponential relationship between time into the future and, essentially, the number of logic gates that we can fit on a silicon chip. It also relates to how much smaller our processors have gotten over time and it is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

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Video Surveillance and Access Control in Clinical Settings

While most pharmacy chains and mainstream retailers which feature pharmacies tend to handle their security internally, individual physician (or other clinician) offices are often left surprisingly vulnerable to not just outside attack, but to internal theft among staff and even from patients.

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The Future of Access Control

When talking about the modern security system, the hottest item always seems to be the cameras. Now capable of extremely high res video, real-time analysis and video processing, and more. But in many cases, having a solid access control system is even more important. Without successful control of who can go where and when, having visual data can quickly become meaningless.

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Access Control In Institutional Settings

On July 30, Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico underwent a full lockdown for over an hour. A nearby gang related shooting prompted the hospital to “[go] into lockdown mode until the situation [was] resolved and it’s been determined that there is no danger to patients or visitors”, according to Arturo Delgado, a hospital spokesman. Read more