The Future of Epidemiologically Driven Access Control Post-COVID 

Business and organizations across the world are dealing with the dire economic and personal impacts of COVID-19. Confidence is now a major issue in helping people return to work and restart their normal activities, whether that’s sending children back to school or visiting shops.

Organizations looking to safeguard against COVID-19 can now bring back the confidence by choosing from newly developed solution ecosystems designed to create safe and healthy environments.

Access control measures designed to target those who are symptomatic are just one piece, and technologies to measure and enforce social distancing and mask compliance are also available. 

Following are some solutions to a multifaceted COVID response.

  • Machine Learning Kiosks are the right choice for venues wanting to ensure social distancing in their building and the use of face masks at all times.

  • Temperature Screening: Perfect for organizations looking for the ability to scan a person’s temperature and create standard procedures to help operators consistently manage results.

  • Control Center Temperature Screening: Ideal for organizations with video management software and that need to implement an integrated thermal screening solution.

  • Thermal Camera Temperature Screening: Designed for organizations looking to add a standalone temperature screening thermal camera to their existing network.



Ensure social distancing 

Following government guidelines and maintaining appropriate social distancing is essential in combating COVID-19. Kiosk AI helps you create healthy environments for visitors by using people counting technology, combined with artificial intelligence, to track entrances and exits from your establishment to ensure you are always at optimum levels for social distancing.

As this solution is an automated system you won’t need to scale up your overheads during these challenging times. At the entrance to your business a screen will display the number of people in your venue, plus maximum capacity, and inform visitors if they are free to enter.

 Ensure the use of face masks to create safe environments 

Encouraging people to restart their regular activities is all about giving them the confidence in their surroundings and the proper use of face masks has been proven as an effective method for limiting infection rates. AI Kiosks deliver this valuable layer of protection by monitoring people entering your venue and detecting the ones not wearing a face mask. Visitors not wearing a mask are automatically advised to wear one before proceeding, with alarms enabling you to respond immediately to non-compliance.

Procedures for high temperature screenings 

Temperature screening begins by delivering a safe and contactless screening of a person’s temperature using a thermal camera and a heat emitter device, known as a Blackbody, that is used by the camera as a reference point.

If the person is below the defined level, for example 35°C, then no action is required and the person can pass swiftly into the building. However, if the threshold temperature is exceeded then an on-screen alert appears and the high temperature procedures are activated. These will guide the operator in delivering the correct response to the results and ensure a consistent approach that helps avoid human error.

Create custom procedures for different categories of people 

Temperature screening measures provide a tailored and adaptable solution for helping organizations manage temperature screening results. Custom operating procedures can be created to guide operators in how they deal with different categories of people, whether they are employees, visitors, customers or contractors. Procedures can also be instantly changed to keep pace with changing requirements.

By implementing these custom procedures organizations can provide:

  • Peace of mind for employees and visitors beyond checkpoints

  • A duty of care by alerting and helping employees and visitors manage screening results

  • The processes to manage the threat of COVID-19 within their workplace

Security Technology of South Texas offers a full suite of access control measures to fight against the spectre of COVID. Whether you need to implement just thermal cameras or a complex integration of multiple solutions, we can set your business up to be safe and compliant.
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InVid Body Temperature System


InVid Tech has released a Dual Spectrum Camera System to measure the temperature of objects, humans, or animals. While alternative solutions do exist for ensuring the basic health of people coming and going from a location, this system can automatically and accurately read the temperature of multiple people at the same time every second and has an accuracy of + or -0.54 Degrees F. This is a viable solution in high traffic areas and where it would be unreasonable to place a person to do manual contactless temperature readings.

When an individual with a temperature above the set threshold comes through, the system alerts. Unlike cheaper imitation products on the market, this high-end system is complete and requires no other systems or human intervention to work. Included in the product is an always-on calibration device to make sure readings remain accurate. This device is critical in making accurate readings from a distance and for capturing the temperature of multiple people.


By combining facial recognition technology into this system, the camera differentiates human faces from other information in the frame. This triggers it to scan for a temperature reading, which if elevated, will in turn trigger an alert. The system consists of the camera itself, the CMS software to which recordings and alerts are sent, and a black body object which is used to calibrate for temperature.


Features of this system include:

  • On-board temp-detection algorithm
  • One IP address two channels
  • Standard Image: 2 Megapixel (1920 x 1080) Resolution
    Thermal Image: Effective pixels 400×300
  • Sensitivity 40mK
  • Thermal: 8mm Fixed lens, Visible: 2.7-12mm motorized lens
  • Accuracy within 0.54°F  (0.3°C)
  • Body detection, up to 16 Targets
  • Response Time 30ms
  • 17 color control


With the world seemingly changed by COVID-19, these systems will only continue to increase in demand.  Many businesses wish to protect themselves from liability, and a system that can pick the sick person out of a long line of people passing through a checkpoint is an efficient and cost-effective way to do that.


At Security Technology of South Texas, we design monitored video systems from the ground up to fit your needs or integrate intelligent monitoring into your existing system of cameras. Contact us today to get a quote on a video analytics system for your property.


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Assa Abloy Access Control and the G100


The Adams Rite G100 digital glass door lock from Assa Abloy is an aesthetically pleasing wireless digital lock that can seamlessly integrate into existing access control infrastructure. This lock is an easy way to add access control features to any glass door while still being cost-effective and maintaining the aesthetics of the installation. It is surface mounted to provide reliability in interior commercial spaces.

This lock uses sophisticated encryption over a wireless connection to ensure security even while transmitting through the air. The AES 128-bit wireless communication between the G100 lock and the hub conform to the highest level of data security. It does not require any wires or modification to the glass as it is easily surface mounted using a bracket installation. It works with both single doors and double doors.

As an addition to existing access control systems, the G100 leverages existing system software and 13.56 MHz credentials, making use of minimal field configuration for easy installation. Its unique credential cache ensures access when the lock is offline from the EAC system.

Interior door security is enhanced with either single (card only) or dual-factor (card and keypad) authentication. Door status is monitored in real-time with REX, DPS, and low battery signals. This lock is also capable of remote lock/unlock in less than 10 seconds from the host EAC system.

As we move further into the era of IoT and full broadband wireless connectivity, many will choose to go as wireless as possible with their security infrastructure. Products like the G100 combine both function and security with beauty to create a total package making intrusive wired solutions seem antiquated and obsolete by comparison. With the speeds and low latency that 5G promises, we can expect entire systems of cameras, access control products, and data and analytics storage and processing to be connected through encrypted wireless protocols and out to the cloud.



At Security Technology of South Texas, we design monitored video systems from the ground up to fit your needs or integrate intelligent monitoring into your existing system of cameras. Contact us today to get a quote on a video analytics system for your property.

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The New SR-2400 Compact Reader from Awid


Another new access control product has been added to our offerings here at STST. The SR-2400 Wiegand Interface Card Reader is the Value leader for Access Control applications. This reader is great for large scale implementation where cost per unit is an issue but quality cannot be sacrificed. These readers are ideal for large projects with many points of entry due to their competitive pricing. The device has a read range of 4 to 5.5 inches.

The SR-2400 reader is a fully featured Wiegand compatible reader with an LED and Annunciator for both small and large volume OEM and Dealer installations. The SR-2400 reader is metal compensated, resulting in minimal loss of read range when mounted on a metal mullion providing ease of installation in various door access applications.



  • Read range of 4 to 5.5 inches
  • High value leader
  • Electronics potted with epoxy compound for demanding environmental applications
  • LED for visual feedback, Piezo beeper for audio feedback
  • Compatible with all Wiegand access control systems
  • Industry standard Wiegand (26 to 50 bit) output
  • Attractive high-tech enclosure with dark gray or beige color
  • Sleek Metal compensated reader housing for mounting to metal door or window frames



  • Ease of use and entry. Assures long life of cards by eliminating need to physically swipe card against reader
  • Very cost effective; compact size with great reading distance
  • Reader electronics protected against application elements to assure long reader life
  • Visual and Audible indicators providing dependable user feedback and guidance for quick and easy installation
  • Wiegand output allows use of multiple control panels allowing stocking of one reader for all applications and credential requirements
  • Metal compensated housing provides trouble free mounting versatility for most access/entry applications



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solutions to the commercial building market.


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