Using Videofied to Protect Community Pools and HOA Amenity Centers

As Summer approaches, neighborhood and apartment swimming pools and related facilities are coming back online and in service. With this comes of course the increased risk of break-ins, trespassing, vandalism and etc. Perhaps even more risky is the fact that in the case especially of children and teenagers who decide to sneak past your perimeter can cause a legal suit for you to deal with should they injure themselves.

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Security Technology of South Texas Acquires Authorized Dealership with Frontstep

DwellingLive is a product from Frontstep for use by HOAs, Property Management Companies, and the condo and high-rise market. This service allows a resident to text a temporary e-pass to an arriving guest.

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On-site Guards with Remote Monitoring

Hiring a company to place and manage a human guard post(s) tends to be compared as the alternative to remotely managed surveillance systems. They are generally more expensive, and also add the element of risk associated with using man instead of machine.

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STST System Catches Gate Destruction

Caught On Camera! Recently, Security Technology of South Texas Inc, installed a video surveillance for a local Home Owners Association that had been experiencing problems with people hitting the security gates at their community.