Machine Learning: Present to Future

Many readers probably have some notion of the essential concept of what a “General Artificial Intelligence” (GAI) would be simply through pop culture and pop science exposure. A “GAI” would be capable of the type of problem solving that has eluded but intrigued computer scientists since before the inception of industrial computing; the very human ability to simply look at any problem and through trial and error and experimentation, simply “work things out”.

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Cloud Hosting and Virtual Servers

The days of using on-site DVRs to record and store data has increasingly become a thing of the past in the industry of professional security. While many electronics and outlet stores still sell $500 DIY systems using this old technology, managing data using cloud hosting has become otherwise ubiquitous.

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Integrated security solutions and The Internet of Things

Although you will still see decades old analog cameras recording in 240p in many businesses, the security industry has benefited from the last  15 years of progress in computer analytics and networking technology more than most. “No longer will you need some kind of server to store the camera data, it will all be stored on the cloud from now on.” Read more