Cloud Hosting and Virtual Servers

The days of using on-site DVRs to record and store data has increasingly become a thing of the past in the industry of professional security. While many electronics and outlet stores still sell $500 DIY systems using this old technology, managing data using cloud hosting has become otherwise ubiquitous. defines it as “hosting on virtual servers which pull their computing resource from extensive underlying networks of physical web servers”. All  this means is that instead of using more expensive on-site computing power, the data is sent to the servers of a hosting company. In systems using computers to run high-end video analytics, however, it may still be necessary to use on-site servers.

As a Brivo authorized dealer, Security Technology of South Texas has access to industry-leading cloud technologies. “Brivo OnAir” accomplishes the management of the large databases necessary in securing heavily-trafficked gates or with access control systems where many different people are using assigned key fobs. Video-footage for each recorded event is stored on Brivo’s computers, and accessible to the user  via desktop, smartphone, or other internet capable device.

Finally, one of the most important advantages that cloud hosting offers is the protection and security of your data. Video stored on local disk space is not as secure, and hardware failure is always a possibility. The distributed computing of “the cloud” ensures all your data remains protected.