Copper Theft vs. The Videofied Video Intrusion System

According to FBI crime statistics, and recently reported on CNBC “Stopping copper theft becomes big-time business”
CNBC, Published: Monday, 12 Aug 2013

“Copper theft is costing businesses in the U.S. some $1 billion a year —mostly through the destruction of property that thieves strip of the metal. But now a growing industry is rising up to stop them. The FBI has said copper theft is threatening U.S. critical infrastructure—electrical substations, cellular towers, telephone land lines, railroads, water wells, construction sites, and even vacant homes.”

To combat this growing crime wave, Security Technology of South Texas, partnered with Videofied Security, are implementing this unique “video verification” intrusion system throughout south Texas. President of Videofied, Keith Jentoft, says “our products are used on cell phone towers, power substations, construction sites, anywhere there’s copper tubing or wiring”.   Videofied is the recognized world leader in video verification security, has operations throughout Europe and North America, and has been in business since 2000.

The three most important features of Videofied that makes it truly unique in the marketplace are:

  •  It uses motion detection and cameras integrated together to the central monitoring center can “see” what activated the system. Because the alarm is “verified”, the police response time is typically much faster than conventional security systems because the alarm event is dispatched as a confirmed “burglars in action” call.
  • Videofied is 100% wireless and weatherproof. The motion/camera sensors can be placed virtually anywhere within a specified distance from the main control panel and are made to work outside, making the system much more affordable to install than conventional camera systems which require expensive wiring.
  • Videofied does not require power, phone line or an internet connection to work. Because the system works on a supervised internal power system and communicates the video alarms via an integrated cellular system, it can be installed in the most difficult of environments, making it ideal for protecting fenced lots, construction sites, or anywhere that traditional security options are not feasible.

To learn more about Videofied and to see some actual videos of criminals being caught red-handed, go to