Geovision 360 degree dual fisheye camera can provide real-time panorama view

GV-VR360 – 360 Degree with VR Viewing

This new camera in the GV line is the first to feature a VR mode. Google cardboard is sufficient with just the Youtube mobile app as a platform. If you have ever used Google Cardboard or any other VR device, you will have an idea of what this camera mode is like.

The GV-VR360 featuers a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor with “Real-time on edge dual fisheye video on device at 4K@30fps”. A water resistant (IP67 certified) mic is built in to the camera.

It also supports Intelligent IR infrared with APP Support and Youtube Live Video, making this a truly connected surveillance device.

Via the GV-eye, which is an APP, it displays on screen details of each angle in this 360 degree dual fisheye camera, allowing for a deeper look into the high-resolution imaging.

The Intelligent IR “provides an IR module which enables the night mode capability”, allowing vision in all light settings, which completes the features of this deeply integrated piece of technology. Its primary function is to provide 360 degree vision in larger environments which may need surveillance night and day. Airports, city streets, and etc. There is no doubt that this modern, digital panopticon has clearer eyes to catch criminals than any human could possibly hope for, and is a crucial element to any serious video surveillance or access control project.


STST is proud to offer this camera as well as the design professionalism necessary to integrate it into existing security platforms and new projects.

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