Integrated security solutions and The Internet of Things

Although you will still see decades old analog cameras recording in 240p in many businesses, the security industry has benefited from the last  15 years of progress in computer analytics and networking technology more than most. “No longer will you need some kind of server to store the camera data, it will all be stored on the cloud from now on.” (proclaims the The move from onsite data storage to cloud based archiving has lowered the cost while increasing the amount, quality, and security of data.

“The value of a security solution increases in relationship to the extent of its integration with other security and information technology components.” (  Adding in analytics devices can screen against false alarms by being “taught” over time to distinguish between an intruder and, for instance, an animal passing through. Highly integrated systems can create extensive metadata logs as well. Combining a system of key fobs with 1080p IP cameras and analytics allows an ecosystem of interconnected devices to perform tasks that would be unfeasible using outmoded technologies.

The advent of the massive web of 4GLTE connected phones over the last decade permits quicker and smarter security solutions, particularly at the industrial level. It is increasingly possible to detect intrusion and dispatch police with a “video verified” break in in progress rather than simply have a grainy black and white recording to try and discern a face in after the fact, a fact which often piques the interest of business owners who may not have looked into security until a break in.

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