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Remote Video Camera Monitoring is Big Business in South Texas

Video Camera Monitoring

What good is a video surveillance camera if no one is watching it? This is a common question asked by business owners, managers and security directors. Traditionally, video surveillance systems provide a recorded image history and that’s about it. This does little to help companies protect themselves in “real time”, as the crime is occurring at their facility. That’s all changing…..and fast! Read more

Virtual Gate Guard Service Booming in the Eagle Ford Shale South Texas Oil Industry

With the growth of the South Texas Oil Industry, land owners and oil companies are challenged to control access to oil leases and related operations sites in a cost effective manner, while providing desired and necessary documentation of traffic entering and leaving the property. While gate guard services have frequently been utilized to control access to such properties, these on-site guard services often prove to be inconsistent and quite expensive. Read more

Security Technology of South Texas, Inc attended the Paxton Certification


Statement from Ray Keddington, Regional Manager of Paxton Access, manufacturer of an enterprise level access control system that we recently installed at Seguin Independent School District.

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The Effect of Video Surveillance Systems on Insurance Premiums

When it comes to protecting your business property, a video surveillance system is not only a sound investment, but can also be a great way to save on your insurance premiums. Installing a commercial security system that includes video can drastically reduce the risk that your insurance company assumes when they issue a policy to your business. As insurance rates are based on risk, alleviating some of the risk of carrying your policy can mean tremendous savings on your insurance premiums.

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