Security and Home Automation

The opportunity for “do it yourself” home automation has been made more available by the relatively recent introduction of devices such as “Google Home” and Amazon’s “Echo”. This change is in many ways co-occuring with the trend for home security to be more tied to the user’s smartphone and other devices serving as virtual extensions of themselves. Home and industrial security today commonly feature software suites and apps on which the user can instantly check up on their property. Doors can be locked or unlocked remotely, garage doors operated, lights switched, and systems activated or deactivated.

Home automation can include various monitors which supply continuous monitoring and updating of the vital systems of a modern home. This can be tied into the app based security services. Cars have certainly had computers monitoring their systems for many years, and it seems only natural that an investment like a home should have its own “brain”.

These are all things happening in the industry now, and the future will likely show a progression in this area. As 5th generation telecom technology carries us through the 2020’s, both bandwidth and physical chips will become ever cheaper, until everything, in the words of the director of the FCC, “from plant waterers to pill bottles” is in communication with the internet, and therefore the home.  For more information on SmartHome technology contact Security Technology of South Texas, Inc. at or toll free at 855.688.2718 .