Caught On Camera!

Recently, Security Technology of South Texas Inc, installed a video surveillance for a local Home Owners Association that had been experiencing problems with people hitting the security gates at their community. We installed a Geovision IP video system with megapixel cameras and special license plate recognition cameras to capture the front and rear plate of every vehicle entering and exiting the property at multiple gates. Using remote cellular telemetry provided by Security Technology of South Texas the entire system is connected to the Internet and the customer can view all activity through the gates and identify unauthorized entries as well as “tailgaters” and vandalism at the gate.

Such was the case last week. At about 2:00AM  a vehicle pulled up to the gate and crashes through, causing thousands of dollars in damage. The customer easily retrieved the high quality overview video of the event along with the license plate information, and within a couple of hours a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) search was performed by the Sherriff’s department, and the intruder was apprehended shortly thereafter.

After the intruder was apprehended, the customer called us and said that the security system had basically just paid for itself.

If you would like more information on our “Connected Video System” for your gated entry, please contact Richard Youngman at Security Technology of South Texas, Inc. 210-446-4863 .