The Effect of Video Surveillance Systems on Insurance Premiums

When it comes to protecting your business property, a video surveillance system is not only a sound investment, but can also be a great way to save on your insurance premiums. Installing a commercial security system that includes video can drastically reduce the risk that your insurance company assumes when they issue a policy to your business. As insurance rates are based on risk, alleviating some of the risk of carrying your policy can mean tremendous savings on your insurance premiums.

In a similar way that auto insurance policies often feature deep discounts for drivers with clean records, or who equip their vehicles with cutting-edge tracking or anti-theft systems, many national insurance companies will offer reduced rates for business owners who protect their properties with video surveillance systems. Installing a security system that features video surveillance is a show of good faith between the policy holder and the guarantor.

In addition to reducing the risk that your insurance company assumes, quality commercial security systems have the added benefit of discouraging theft, vandalism or other liabilities that may keep you from ever having to file an insurance claim to begin with. Criminals or potentially unscrupulous employees may think twice when they know that they may be caught on camera committing their misdeeds. Staying claim-free is a very viable way to keep your premiums as low as possible year after year.

Security cameras and systems are also tax-deductible in many states, providing for yet another way to save you money. Lastly, utilizing a security system to protect your business is cheaper in the long run, not to mention more effective, than hiring guards to look after your business.

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When considering adding video surveillance to your commercial security system, your first call should be to your insurance provider, in order to confirm that you will be entitled to a reduced rate. Your second call, however, should be to Security Systems of South Texas. In and around the San Antonio area, there is simply no better choice for protecting your business with a security system. One call to Security Systems of South Texas can get you on the fast track to great savings and peace of mind.