The uAxcess/UHF XM-700 Switchplate Reader From Awid


Security Technology of South Texas is proud to now offer a new device from Awid, the UHF XM-700 switchplate-type reader. The device is designed with the user in mind: responsiveness, security, and speed. Having these crucial characteristics as the design philosophy, Awid have developed the essential access link for door entry into buildings, or gate entry into specified parking facilities. Cutting-edge UHF reader technology allows the use of hand-held cards and keytags used for access control into buildings, as well as by drivers at the gate. The cards and keytag are compatible with , LR-2200 and LR-3000 long-range readers. The fact that the reader operates at long range is important to users now in particular as social distancing due to COVID is a factor in daily life.




  • SIZE:  5.5″ x 5.5″ x 1.125″
  • POWER SUPPLY:  +9 to +12 VDC
  • INTERFACES:  Wiegand and RS-232 (simultaneous)
  • MOUNTING:  On wall or single-gang utility box
  • CREDENTIALS:  AWID’s uAxcess cards/tags



• People access using UHF cards and tags:
Same cards for vehicles and people

• Quick access at busy entrances:
Read range 5 to 7 feet

• Easy mounting: Fastens on electrical box or wall


• Easy wiring for power and data:
Connects like a proximity reader

• Combines car and personal access:
Interfaces to common access control

• Reader needs no programming:
 XM-700 reads all AWID UHF cards


• Compatible with access systems:
Standard code formats & interfaces

• Visible and audible feedback:
Reads indicated by LED and beeper

• Great appearance in all locations:
Attractive enclosure, compact dimensions



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