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We offer a full suite of systems and services to protect your business, employees, job sites throughout San Antonio and South Texas. We are a privately held electronic security solutions integrator with an emphasis on custom-designed electronic security systems and superior customer service.

Video Surveillance

Providing high-resolution digital recordings of your business’s interior and exterior spaces. Monitoring also increases employee productivity and can be viewed on any mobile device.

Fever Screening Systems

Protect your employees, customers, and facility visitors with our advanced thermal camera options. These devices can scan individual or multiple body temperatures, alerting you to fevers caused by COVID or other infectious agents.

Access Control

Allow only designated employees or staff admission to your building or property, which offers increased workplace safety and a higher degree of protection for everyone and everything at your location.

Community & HOA Security

Providing property management companies and home owner associations with efficient, cost-effective, high-tech security solutions for their gated communities.

Security Monitoring

We become your virtual after-hours security guard. Our video-monitoring center will take your security procedures to the next level with 24-hour video monitoring and two-way audio communication abilities.

Remote Security Solutions

Cloud-hosted technology allows you to control your business security system from your smart phone, tablet or PC – anytime and anywhere – without the need for expensive onsite servers and hardware.

Virtual Gate Guard

Using high definition cameras, intercom and electronic gate/door access control, we can provide Live Operator Monitoring for a fraction of the cost of physical guard services.

Video Verified Intrusion Systems

Our Video Verification system removes the guessing game of what caused an unwanted intrusion (indoors and outdoors) and allows you to benefit from a quick and direct dispatch from law enforcement.

Gated Communities & HOAs

Security Solutions for every kind of business:

Banks & Credit Unions

Security Solutions for every kind of business:

Auto Dealerships

Security Solutions for every kind of business:

Retail Stores & Outlets

Security Solutions for every kind of business:


Security Solutions for every kind of business:

Hospitals & Medical Centers

Security Solutions for every kind of business:

Schools & Colleges

Security Solutions for every kind of business:

Oil & Drilling

Security Solutions for every kind of business:

Our Core Markets

Gated Communities & HOA Security Solutions

Gated communities and home owners associations often need more comprehensive monitoring and security solutions than they currently have. We provide a number of smart ways you can improve safety, security, and convenience for members of your community.

Our Virtual Gate Guard and automated gate control systems can make entry easier for members in good standing while ensuring that visitors use the proper authorization. Monitored video systems watch your gates and amenity centers 24/7 via the magic of cloud connectivity and automated response options. We’ve also partnered with FrontSteps to bring you their state-of-the-art HOA security management software.

Banking Security & Compliance Solutions

Maintaining security and compliance for a bank or credit union means addressing and preventing a variety of concerns, from armed robbery attempts to unauthorized use of systems and facilities. These specialized concerns require specialized solutions. We can offer those solutions as a verified provider of Verint, the acknowledged leader in bank and credit union security options.

We can get you set up with any of Verint’s trusted line of high-tech solutions. Your institution can benefit from Verint’s video surveillance and recording devices, deployment management solutions, and advanced surveillance analytics.

retail security systems

Retail Security Systems

When you work in the retail industry, one of your most pressing security concerns is theft. We can put the power back into your hands with our video surveillance systems and intrusion alarm systems. They will give you peace of mind that your property and your employees are safe from harm.

We can also install door control systems so your employees can enter and exit your building or store in a secure fashion. With our 24/7 operators, you will be able to speak with them at any point to get video footage or to ask any questions.

manufacturing security systems

Manufacturing Security Systems

As a manufacturer you want to make sure your equipment and products are secure when you lock them up for the night. Our live remote video monitoring, exterior/ interior security, door and gate access control will give you peace of mind and assurance that your commercial property is safe.

These security systems will protect and manage work safety practices and make sure your business is running as efficiently as possible. Our 24/7 operators and monitoring will ensure that your property is under our watchful eyes at all times.

healthcare security systems

Healthcare Security Systems

Hospitals, emergency care centers, doctors’ offices, and other medical centers are often very hectic and busy places. Having a reliable security system not only protects your employees but also patients and their family members. We have the ultimate security solutions that all healthcare facilities are looking for. We have cloud-based video monitoring, exterior/interior security, network security solutions, and more to keep everyone safe.

We also have local operators who will respond 24/7 and alert the authorities if a problem or a threat might occur.

education security systems

Education Security Systems

From elementary schools to colleges, every educational facility should have security features so their students can feel safe. We can work with your IT and campus security officers to come up with a plan and system that truly works for your building. From video surveillance systems to intrusion alarm systems and door control systems, we have everything you need to monitor and manage everyone at the school.

Auto Dealership Security Systems

When auto dealerships do not have an effective and reliable security system, it can lead to the loss of thousands of dollars in inventory. Having hundreds of expensive cars on the lot and in the dealership, you need a system that will be able to protect all of your assets.

Especially if you are a multi-location dealership, you need our cloud-based video monitoring and network security solutions to keep your business safe and secure. This way you can watch over a large area but still have peace of mind that not one car will be forgotten. You will also be able to speak with our 24/7 operators at all times if you have a question or concern.

Oilfield Security Systems

Oilfield Security Systems

Between managing your employees and monitoring your oilfield equipment and tools, you have little time to worry about security measures. That’s where we come in. We can install live remote video monitoring, exterior/interior security, door and gate access control, and anything else you need to keep your business safe.

Our equipment, especially our Videofied alarm and video system, has been specifically tested in remote locations like yours. It’s only part of what makes our business second to none in security solutions for San Antonio and throughout South Texas.

Keeping a close watch on
San Antonio & South Texas

Security Technology of South Texas, Inc. is a local San Antonio commercial and residential security systems company with an emphasis on the market area of a 150 mile radius of San Antonio.

We are a design/solution company specializing in video surveillance systems, security access control systems, and video verification commercial alarm systems. Enhanced services include cloud-based video monitoring, live central station video monitoring and response, and cloud-based access control systems.

Our unique approach to the market with hosted services allows our commercial customers to get the latest in technology for their security needs without the high cost of local, server-based equipment, thereby making our offering a fraction of what they would pay for a “traditional” security company.

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