Turnstiles from Automatic Systems for credentialed access control

Turnstiles create an effective barrier against unauthorized access while simultaneously expediting authorized personnel traffic flow.

  • Today, going “contactless” is a big deal, especially in busy corporate environments with heavy foot traffic.
  • Automatic Systems is an industry-leading manufacturer of commercial physical security products. Their SlimLane glass and steel turnstiles fit in aesthetically with any corporate setting and offer a solution for no-touch access control within a building.
  • These devices come in several heights and configurations and when paired with RFID cards or fobs, create a truly touch-free solution.
  • STST Inc. is one of few companies in the South Texas area certified by Automatic Systems to install their turnstiles and have received in-person training from their technical staff.
  • We have deployed this product successfully in the South Texas area and helped our customers meet their needs.

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Security Technology of South Texas, Inc. is an electronic security technology company with an emphasis on the market area of a 150 mile radius of San Antonio.

We are a design/solution company specializing in video surveillance systems, card access control systems, and video verification commercial alarm systems. Enhanced services include cloud-based video monitoring, live central station video monitoring and response, and cloud-based card access control systems.

Our unique approach to the market with the hosted services allows our commercial customers to get the latest in technology for their security needs without the high cost of local, server-based equipment, thereby making our offering a fraction of what they would pay for a “traditional” security company.


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