Automatic Systems Turnstiles


The events of the last year have created a demand for products that function not only as physical security measures, but also create an environment that is conducive to COVID rule adherence. While mask detection and temperature readings are being done in the video surveillance market, the access control industry has moved to “contactless” interfaces and designs that put distance between people. Here we will take a look at a world class manufacturer of such technology; Automatic Systems.

Automatic Systems flagship Slimlane turnstiles features bi-directional glass panels with stainless steel, giving them a sleek but discreet look that fits in to just about any environment aesthetically. The Slimlane comes in different configurations and heights from 600mm to 1700mm, single or twin lanes. These contactless glass turnstiles eliminate the physical manipulation of classic “Tripod” turnstiles that require a person to push through each time and can be configured for several access control protocols, including facial recognition and RFID cards. This appeals to those businesses that have a high rate of pedestrian traffic and want to minimize physical interaction.

Given that the Slimlane is a glass barrier, it is not meant as your only line of defense with respect to access control, but rather as a traffic control measure and people counter, allowing you to create a database of who went in and out and at what times.  The turnstiles would likely be paired with overview cameras to tie a visual record to the foot traffic.

At STST Inc., we are one of few dealers in the area certified by Automatic Systems to install their products and were trained in person by their technical staff. We have successfully completed projects at major corporations involving their turnstiles and the result is efficient and aesthetically satisfying. In the post-COVID world, businesses all want to at least appear as though they are doing something and are moving quickly to adopt contactless infrastructure. While they are a significant investment, organizations recognize the paradigm social shifts we are undergoing and are looking to add products like this to their facilities.

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