Brivo Access Control and Brivo Door Station

Brivo Access Control is a comprehensive and innovative security solution that replaces traditional lock and key systems with modern, cloud-based access control technology. It’s designed to provide a flexible and scalable solution for securing physical spaces, such as office buildings, warehouses, schools, and more. Brivo offers a wide range of features and benefits that make it a preferred choice for organizations and individuals looking to bolster their security measures.

Brivo Door Station is a next-generation access control platform that combines video, AI, access control, and intercom into a single device.

Key Features of Brivo Access Control with Brivo Door Station

  1. Cloud-Based Management: One of the standout features of Brivo is its cloud-based management system. It allows users to remotely control and monitor access to their premises from anywhere with an internet connection. This means you can manage security even when you’re away from the physical location.
  2. Mobile Access: Brivo offers mobile access control, enabling users to use their smartphones as digital keys. This feature is not only convenient but also enhances security by reducing the need for physical keycards and the associated risks of loss or duplication.
  3. Real-Time Monitoring: Brivo provides real-time monitoring of access control events. You can receive instant alerts and notifications, allowing you to respond swiftly to security incidents or breaches.
  4. User Permissions: Brivo allows you to define user permissions with precision. You can grant access to certain areas for specific timeframes, ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter sensitive zones.
  5. Brivo Door Station catalogues video of every access event and timestamps that video to be paired with the access log. The event video automatically appears in the event tracker software.
  6. Performs facial authentication requiring only a badge photo.
  7. Condenses the platform into a single reader, requiring no outside integrations. Brivo Door Station has POE and Brivo connectivity built-in, so it can be added to new or existing doors in minutes.

Benefits of Brivo Access Control

  1. Enhanced Security: Brivo’s modern access control system significantly enhances security by reducing the risk of unauthorized access. With features like mobile access and real-time monitoring, you can respond to security threats quickly and effectively.
  2. Convenience: The mobile access feature makes it easy for employees and visitors to enter secure areas without the need for physical keys or access cards. It streamlines the entry process and reduces the risk of lost cards or key duplication. With Brivo Door Station, what used to require integration between separate video and access control platforms is now concentrated into a single device.
  3. Cost-Efficiency: Brivo eliminates the need for extensive physical infrastructure and personnel required to manage traditional lock and key systems. This leads to cost savings over time.
  4. Remote Management: The ability to manage your security system remotely is a major advantage, especially for businesses with multiple locations or those that require frequent access updates.
  5. Event/Video Logs: Brivo’s event-driven video capture shines a light on every corner, empowering facility monitors with a crystal-clear view of potential vulnerabilities and ensuring proactive security measures.

Whether you’re a small business owner looking to enhance the security of your office or a large corporation with complex access control needs, Brivo can be tailored to fit your requirements. Security Technology of South Texas is an authorized Brivo dealer and integrator for the South Texas area with wide exposure integrating access control in various commercial settings. Contact us today to begin the process of securing your facility or business.