Intelligent Video Solutions for Campuses

The promise of AI enabled video in academic settings centers around finding solutions to the social issue of school gun violence. 2018 was in fact the worst year for gun violence by number of incidents in our nation’s history, and this reality is driving demand for innovative campus security solutions. Intelligent video technology facilitates school safety through integrating already existing systems such as security cameras, fire alarms and sprinklers, and automatic door locks. By integrating data from multiple sources and sensors, cloud security platforms can discover new insights and make predictions. Basically, intelligent video has the potential to bring campus security from reactive to proactive.

These intelligent video platforms combine cloud and AI to bring data in closer relationship with each other. Video and sensor data are aggregated to perform analytics functions, allowing a type of machine learning to occur which has the effect of improving efficiency and overall security. While conventional school security measures were designed to function as forensic evidence after the fact of an incident (video to be used by the police and the court systems), these newer “smart” systems aim to go after problems before they make themselves manifest. Using video and IoT sensor data in the cloud, data is analyzed in real time and in aggregate, something human operators simply can not do fast enough to be effective. This allows the campus to identify patterns to help the platform better point out salient insights as it learns over time.

Using a cloud based solution for campus security also makes sense with regard to maintenance and upkeep. On-premise security architecture requires manual updating of software on each server, whereas a cloud system takes its updates automatically from the cloud. The updates are simply scheduled during closed hours as automatic, which reduces the amount of IT manpower needed and allows IT staff to remotely work on the system.

Another benefit of cloud based security is how scalable these systems are. As a campus expands and adds more doors, entry points and etc., the cloud is more than capable of expanding along with any new hardware that is added.

These systems also reduce the need for staffing in large campus security operations. Due to the integration of data from multiple types of sensors, less humans are needed in the response chain to initiate lockdown procedures, active shooter response, and other incident protocols. When integrated with an automated door locking system for instance, the platform can communicate a proactive response in an active shooter situation faster than any human team and lockdown to prevent entry as it alerts the human security element or the police.


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