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Modernizing Security for the Banking Segment

    The banking market is continuing to evolve with the growing use of mobile devices, and more branch operations are aiming to enhance service and convenience for the customer. With these advancements come greater potential for fraud and associated loss. Naturally, increasingly sophisticated fraud technology and techniques will require organizations to look at new […]

The Stages of Attack or Penetration Testing

   Network reconnaissance : This is the first phase involved in penetrating a system. This is the stage during which information is gathered about the target in order to facilitate the attack. It can feature “Active” methods, such as actual social engineering in person, or “Passive” methods using searches of public records and even material from […]

The Latest Trends in Malware

         As we move further into the 21st century and witness the major advancements in computational power and the sprawl of web-connected devices, malware writers manage to keep up with trends and write malevolent software to match each step forward. Just like the legitimate players in the tech industries, these shadowy figures […]