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Year 2020: Security Threats in the Coming Year

Moving into a new year, we can expect the trends in information security from the last several years to continue to evolve and affect the methods criminals will use in exploits and the industry’s defenses against them. A few of these, such as the continued migration to the cloud, mobile technologies, and the use of […]

Why Smaller Businesses Can Be More Susceptible to Hacks

    The last few years have seen major breaches at sprawling corporations such as Facebook, Yahoo, and Marriott Hotels. The list continues indefinitely, and the total losses amount to many billions. Between overreaching government surveillance, ISPs monitoring us, and the world of cyber-crime, online privacy continues to shrink. Today’s children will never have known […]

Brivo and Eagle Eye Network Integration

Brivo and Eagle Eye are now working together for total system integration of access control systems and cameras. With the ability to review live events and to record video to a Brivo Onair interface, this cloud-based solution is pushing the envelope in networked, cloud-based access control. ————————————————————————————————————————————————– With Brivo Onair being fully integrated with Eagle […]