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HOA Security Assessments and Solutions

For an HOA to meet the expectations of their residents, they must focus on more than amenities and payment systems. A critical issue for the board of directors and association managers is criminal risk and exposure. Whether the security solutions in place are sufficient in addressing the community’s exposure to criminal risk is determined best […]

FRONTSTEPS: Property Management Solutions

 In an average month, a community management company can expect to spend over 500 working hours compensating for inefficient workflow. That is roughly equivalent to 3 full-time employees. The causes of this inefficiency stem from using too many separate tools, time-consuming and non-centralized communications, and the processing of paper checks.   The purpose of an all-encompassing property management solution like FRONTSTEPS is […]

Biometrics in Access Control

Overview The word biometrics has its etymological roots in Greek. Bio has the meaning “life” and metrics refers to “measurement”. While biometrics have been used for decades in physical access control, emerging technologies are expanding the field and making its technologies increasingly robust. In many cases, biometric methods are chosen over traditional means of identification […]

Intelligent Video and Machine Learning

  ML “Machine Learning” Although we are still likely many decades away from anything considered close to “true AI”, many cameras and analytics systems are marketed and sold as being AI-driven or otherwise enriched through machine learning. While some of this is undoubtedly just marketing, there is truth to the notion that data analytics is making […]