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SALTO XS4 GEO Cylinder and The JustIN  Mobile Interface

SALTO’s range of compact electronic cylinder locks are designed for doors where fitting a full-sized conventional handle and lock is not possible or needed. These cylinder locks, like the other SALTO products, are totally free of wires and are networked through the SALTO Virtual Network and SALTO Wireless network.   Several models are available including […]

Salto Systems: XS4

From its beginning in 2001, SALTO has had one objective: to create an industry leading access control system that is both simple to use and highly efficient. SALTO systems gives users the ability to control their access needs and secure all points of entry without complex and costly wiring build-outs. Their solutions are simple to […]

GV-VD8700 “Face”

The VD8700 8MP face recognition analytic camera, recently released by Geovision, a world leader in surveillance, features on-board analytics as well as a facial recognition program. The device is able to capture faces and store those images to allow it to initiate alerts to the user if a certain person enters its view. Geovision’s GV-VD8700 […]