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Intelligent Video Solutions: Why Not Go DIY For Your Security

In the same way that in order to keep our health, most recognize the value of seeing a medical practitioner regularly for checkups and necessary tests. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, many enterprises do not carry this philosophy with them and into their security environments. They might budget for product yet not budget for professional services and […]

Avigilon and Video Analytics

  Avigilon is a Vancouver based security equipment designer and manufacturer, perhaps most well known for the software they have developed to analyze raw video data, with no input other than the pixels streamed through an HD camera setup. “Open Video Management” using what they term “Self-Learning” video analytics is the cornerstone of any modern […]

Fully Integrated Security and Access  Control with Alarm.com

Alarm.com is an all-inclusive business security and access control service that we offer our clients for easy access and constant updates from their work sites and businesses. The technology is specifically engineered for small and medium size business owners, and combines intelligent intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control and energy management into one cost-effective solution […]

Acadian Monitoring

STST has partnered with Acadian for their industry leading monitoring services since our beginning. Having a reliable monitoring service is critical in making the most of a camera intensive installation; without someone watching out for activity on your video feeds, the usefulness of the system is diminished. Acadian monitors several analytics from different video manufacturers. […]