Geovision 360 degree dual fisheye camera can provide real-time panorama view

GV-VR360 – 360 Degree with VR Viewing

This new camera in the GV line is the first to feature a VR mode. Google cardboard is sufficient with just the Youtube mobile app as a platform. If you have ever used Google Cardboard or any other VR device, you will have an idea of what this camera mode is like.

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The Future of Blockchain in Commercial Security

Blockchain is a “decentralized, distributed electronic ledger built on the model of offering absolute security and trust.”(Scientific American) Cryptographic transactions are recorded chronologically and publicly, they are then time-stamped and “linked to the previous one.” Of most importance, these digital ‘blocks’ can only be updated through the consensus of all participants, with data interception, modification and deletion near impossible.

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