Building A “Hack-Proofed” Access Control and Surveillance System with CheckVideo

Part 1

CheckVideo, a manufacturer of a full range of high-end video surveillance and access control gear, as well as servers, gateways, and cloud-based software solutions, is a partner with which Security Technology of South Texas is an authorized dealer. Let’s take a look into what makes a CheckVideo system different, and all said and done, a superior product to what you will find “off-the-shelf” or in a retail environment.

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The Future of Biometrics

In computer science, there exists a mathematical idea known as “Moore’s Law”. This law describes an exponential relationship between time into the future and, essentially, the number of logic gates that we can fit on a silicon chip. It also relates to how much smaller our processors have gotten over time and it is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

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Video Surveillance and Access Control in Clinical Settings

While most pharmacy chains and mainstream retailers which feature pharmacies tend to handle their security internally, individual physician (or other clinician) offices are often left surprisingly vulnerable to not just outside attack, but to internal theft among staff and even from patients.

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The Value of Using a Security Integrator

The Most Common Pitfalls in Commercial Security

In the same way that in order to keep our health, most recognize the value of seeing a medical practitioner regularly for checkups and necessary tests. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, many enterprises do not carry this philosophy with them and into their security environments. They might budget for product yet not budget for professional services and assess performance of those products to determine the risk of a breach.

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