Avigilon Announces Their Next Generation of Advanced AI Cameras

Avigilon has recently announced what they call a “next generation” AI capable camera system. Called the “H5 Smart Camera”, this technology makes use of Deep Neural Networks built into the devices themselves to provide the ability to learn, detect, and notify for events requiring investigation. So called “deep learning” or “deep neural networks” are the same type of AI tech used in the AI operations of companies like Google and Amazon. Deep learning AI works by sorting through massive amounts of data, the more the better, and modifying its own code based on what the program sees. Google’s “Watson” is a famous example of this kind of software, and gained public exposure when it defeated the world’s top player of “Jeopardy”. Deep learning was also used in the software that established computer’s as the top “players” of Go, a chess-like strategy game which is well known for its highly technical play and difficulty.

Avigilon is working with Intel, a leader in the emerging AI marketplace. Intel’s “Movidius” VPUs allow for power-efficient acceleration of hardware in deep neural networks. These networks are inspired by and in some ways modeled from the way that biological systems (brains and central nervous systems) process and interpret information. Intel believes this technology will “usher in a new generation of video analytics capabilities with deep learning approaches” (avigilon.com). The H5 camera line uses these AI facilities to develop more sophisticated event detection and automatic notifications. The cameras are to be displayed at the Global Security Exchange conference of 2018 in Las Vegas, and are expected to be launched into the market in 2019.

This is the focus that Avigilon has had in the industry for a while already and they have analytics systems available now. Yet as technology marches up an accelerating curve in processing power, we can expect more and more functionality in all AI systems to come. AI itself is a fascinating technology that we have looked at in more detail in previous articles, and is expected to radically change the markets in almost every industry and the global economy as a whole.

Security Technology of South Texas is an authorized integrator for Avigilon systems and has designed systems with this kind of functionality. Avigilon analytics is particularly useful in enterprise scale operations, school and college campuses, as well as car dealerships or any other large property where tight security is necessary. Please contact us at  admin@gostst.com on our website or via phone at  210-446-4863   24/7.

Source: Avigilon.com


Stakeholders Expectations When Securing a Medical Facility

Medical facilities can be a unique challenge for security integrators. They tend to have a more diverse set of security needs all under the same roof. So-called “Behavioral Health” (psychiatric) units will need a tighter grip than the front door, with the entrance to the emergency department falling somewhere in between the extremes. These differences do in fact require very different approaches within the same overall design solution both in terms of doors and access control as well as security cameras and monitoring. Some areas may even be legally prohibited from operating surveillance devices. On top of this, a solid base of network security and competency from the installer is a must in an environment where a hack would lead to the compromising of medical records and billing information.

Owners or shareholders of private medical ventures will share some common concerns. Diversion of drugs from the clinical setting is one of the most frequently cited reasons for smaller clinics wanting to upgrade security, but is also well within the concerns of any larger operation. These environments have lockdown capability needs similar to what is being implemented in campuses, and stand to benefit from similar mass-notification systems. Moreover, any medical facility will have to at minimum meet legal requirements concerning HIPAA laws and fire code.

In large settings with many departments, it will be necessary to identify more than one decision maker. Because security and access control structure in one area tends to ripple throughout, it is typical that officers from compliance departments, HR, and security will be involved at a minimum. There are titles found only in healthcare settings such as the “CXO” (Chief Experience Officer) who deal with the patient experience rating. Because this will impact virtually every aspect of the hospital, and more directly, funding, this will be an important area of consideration in designing a system. Variations in system architecture allow for a mixing and matching of locks on interior and exterior doors to meet the needs of the customer. The demand for a “one-card solution” is already here, and increasingly users want and expect to be able to manage the functions of these systems through their mobile devices.

When groups enter the building, RFID can be logged from a card carried by each person. It is possible to give varying levels of access to interior doors to different individuals, and of course to track movement and time spent in different areas. Interior access control gives advantages to both management and the general employee.

Having the diverse array of technologies of todays security industry available could seem daunting, but does more to make it easy to tailor access control capabilities of each area and entrance to the complex than it does to confuse the process. The market for security in the medical field goes deep, which is why those who hold the shares and call the shots trust a dedicated outside enterprise to handle those needs.

As a Security Integrator, Security Technology of South Texas is prepared to build a tailor fit system for your site or project. Please contact us through email at admin@gostst.com on our website or via phone at  210-446-4863   24/7

Acadian Monitoring Services

Beginning in 2008, Acadian, previously an ambulance dispatch service, began providing video monitoring services within the United States. This company now maintains strong relationships with both manufactures and integrators of access control and video monitoring systems, and in 2017 alone their work led to the capture of over 60 criminals. A serious contender in the video monitoring marketspace, Acadian is now monitoring over 7000 devices nation wide.

This growing division of Acadian’s business makes use of what they term the“SureView Systems Immix Station Platform”, used since 2008. This proprietary platform “gives Acadian the ability to monitor many different video products, including NVRs, cameras, encoders, VMS’, and audio devices.” (Acadian.com”). It is built in an open architecture style setup which allows for the creation of custom integrations for emerging products. These factors have led to “SureView” becoming the second certified partner of Acadian.

What makes Acadian special in this industry is the quality of training they instruct their video analysts with. They are required to take online classes created by “The Monitoring Association”, SureView, and “The Telephone Doctor”, to insure the highest quality and to exceed industry standards. When you talk to an Acadian analyst, you get the sense that you are speaking to a well informed person who will be able to walk you through any issue. Weeks of hands on training with a supervisor is also required before even becoming an official trainee.

Acadian differentiates between “proactive” and “reactive” solutions. A reactive solution in video monitoring is focused on “improving a reaction from a third party” (Acadian.com). This is not to prevent a crime from occurring, but instead to ensure that the appropriate response is taken for any given security event. Video verified solutions are a good example of this, such as Videofied.  Solutions such as this provide police with better information about the event, reduce false alarms, and speed up response time from police services.

Proactive solutions are focused on the prevention of criminal acts and trespassing before the involvement of a third party is initiated..

“Outdoor video monitoring solutions with video analytics and voice down technology”(Acadian.com) is one way to get a trespasser to leave the premises without involvement of police. Acadian is able to access an on-site speaker to speak in real time with whoever triggered the event and warn them of impending police involvement if they do not leave. Done correctly, sites with outdoor inventory and outdoor sites in general can often be protected without a call to the cops.

As an authorized dealer of many of the technologies that Acadian monitors, Security Technology of South Texas often makes use of Acadian in our projects requiring real time monitoring and response to security events. Our experience with Acadian has shown their service to be above industry standards as well as highly effective. To learn more about what we can do to product your site or indoor security, please contact us at  admin@gostst.com on our website or via phone at  210-446-4863   24/7.


3xLOGIC: Enterprise Security Solutions



3XLOGIC makes use of the cloud for all storage and video processing needs, and systems will not feature on-site NVRs. This creates a robust video management structure and shifts processing power requirements away from the end-user or any computers located at the site. Through their proprietary “infinias CLOUD” cloud hosting technology, a 3xLOGIC system can easily be made capable of handling video monitoring and analytics alongside access control solutions from just a single door all the way to “enterprise” scale operations.

This cloud based service “delivers broad access control capabilities to conveniently secure and manage user location(s)” (3xlogic.com) and uses an easy to use browser-based GUI. Having an easy to understand end-user interface allows for access control to be both practical and affordable for virtually any user, independent of the size of the business or the technical expertise of the end-user. The user can “view, monitor, and report” (3xlogic.com) on events and alarms, as well as do things like define security rolls and create different levels of access privileges for the individual users.

Unique to the systems that can be built using 3xLOGIC’s hardware are what they term the “rules engine”. This is a logic system in their cloud space that allows the customer to “build the functionality they need such as Lock-down, First-in, last-out, n-man rule, and much more” (3xLOGIC.com) This rule engine can be used effectively on any scale to apply systems of rules and is particularly useful for access control purposes.

The “infinias” cloud system is also capable of interfacing with wireless locks, which is increasingly a popular method used in large scale security solutions. While the same effect can be achieved by running wire to each door in the facility, the relatively low cost of using wireless locks, cameras, and etc. make this an increasingly attractive option for some. With time and improvements to wireless technology and a greater number of systems making use of cloud technology, wireless “everything” seems to be just on the horizon.

Overall, the solutions offered by 3xLOGIC are some of the most smooth and seamless out there. Technology like this is setting the stage for the future of fully integrated video surveillance, analytics, and access control systems. Above industry standard IP cameras, custom analytics, and a simple yet robust end-user interface all make 3xLOGIC stand out even among what sometimes feels like a crowded security market.

Security Technology of South Texas is happy to be an authorized dealer and integrator for 3xLOGIC. Contact us today to see what kind of system is right for your business or project.

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Source: 3xLOGIC.com