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Security Technology of South Texas Acquires Authorized Dealership with Frontstep

DwellingLive is a product from Frontstep for use by HOAs, Property Management Companies, and the condo and high-rise market. This service allows a resident to text a temporary e-pass to an arriving guest.

This allows the guest’s phone to display a credential bar code which will allow them through the guard station or gate in the case of unmanned entries to housing complexes.

An LPR (license plate reading camera) can be integrated with this system and then stores a database of every plate to come in and out of that community.

Furthermore, this system can be used to get out mass messages to all or specific sets of residents, or to entire communities. Residents can be kept in the loop with “a private newsfeed that includes maintenance updates, announcements, and real-time alerts.”

Online payments can be made through the mobile app, where “residents can choose from 4 payment options including credit, debit, one-time ACH, and recurring ACH.”

Ultimately, DwellingLive is a software suite for managing several aspects of these types of communities and keeping those inside secure, using an intuitive mobile app that can be accessed from anywhere.

To learn more about how Security Technology of South Texas can help your community with the Frontsteps system, call us at 210-710-5881  and ask for Richard Youngman or visit us at www.gostst.com .