Gunshot Detection

With “gun violence” continuing to occupy the thoughts of an American public that is never over one massacre before another begins, it is hardly even necessary to show statistics in order to convey the message.

In an analysis of 160 active shooter incidents from 2000 through 2013, the FBI found that more than two-thirds happened at businesses or schools. 2014 to 2015 had the most active shooter incidents ever recorded in a two-year period. These sobering statistics make it clear that protecting employees from this threat needs to be a security priority.

From 2015 on there have been yet several more very high profile school and other public shootings, with the slaughter of 58 and the wounding of over 500 that took place at Las Vegas’ downtown strip just last year in 2017. The thought of these “active shooter” style events must surely play in the mind of anyone weighing their options for a commercial/enterprise grade surveillance and access control system.

Implementing a “shot detection” element into a larger security system enhances the overall “intelligence” of your system, and helps to quickly identify the most serious type of security breach so as to improve reaction times from security and police.

While many shot detection systems rely solely on acoustic feedback, more modern sensors also look for an infrared flash. This dual authentication improves accuracy and greatly reduces false alerts.

Installed throughout a facility, critical information can be relayed to occupants — as well as emergency personnel outside — so that the proper steps can be taken to quickly control the situation. By quickly detecting shots, life-threatening delays in response can be avoided.

These elements are able to detect gunshots instantaneously, using dual-factor authentification (acoustic and IR detection) to reduce false alerts. A map can be made to display where in the facility the shot was detected, with these nodes being integrated easily into the network via standard POE.

Using extremely low bandwidth and electricity, if you are at all concerned about shootings in a large complex, it really makes sense to consider adding a gunshot detection element to your access control and surveillance systems.

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