InVid Body Temperature System


InVid Tech has released a Dual Spectrum Camera System to measure the temperature of objects, humans, or animals. While alternative solutions do exist for ensuring the basic health of people coming and going from a location, this system can automatically and accurately read the temperature of multiple people at the same time every second and has an accuracy of + or -0.54 Degrees F. This is a viable solution in high traffic areas and where it would be unreasonable to place a person to do manual contactless temperature readings.

When an individual with a temperature above the set threshold comes through, the system alerts. Unlike cheaper imitation products on the market, this high-end system is complete and requires no other systems or human intervention to work. Included in the product is an always-on calibration device to make sure readings remain accurate. This device is critical in making accurate readings from a distance and for capturing the temperature of multiple people.


By combining facial recognition technology into this system, the camera differentiates human faces from other information in the frame. This triggers it to scan for a temperature reading, which if elevated, will in turn trigger an alert. The system consists of the camera itself, the CMS software to which recordings and alerts are sent, and a black body object which is used to calibrate for temperature.


Features of this system include:

  • On-board temp-detection algorithm
  • One IP address two channels
  • Standard Image: 2 Megapixel (1920 x 1080) Resolution
    Thermal Image: Effective pixels 400×300
  • Sensitivity 40mK
  • Thermal: 8mm Fixed lens, Visible: 2.7-12mm motorized lens
  • Accuracy within 0.54°F  (0.3°C)
  • Body detection, up to 16 Targets
  • Response Time 30ms
  • 17 color control


With the world seemingly changed by COVID-19, these systems will only continue to increase in demand.  Many businesses wish to protect themselves from liability, and a system that can pick the sick person out of a long line of people passing through a checkpoint is an efficient and cost-effective way to do that.


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