Protection and Integration of Legacy Access Control Systems


When you install the infrastructure to support an enterprise grade access control system, the expectation is that it will last and be operable for a long time. Over time, physical access control has merged increasingly with networking services, which leads these systems to be vulnerable to threats associated with always-on network connections that they did not have to contend with in the past. This leaves us entering the 2020’s with many legacy systems having multiple exposed attack surfaces and new potential risks as IoT integration moves forwards and clients expect full availability and connectivity on their smart devices.
One method which we have placed great emphasis on is Avigilon’s “Blue” Platform, a nearly “Plug-and-Play” device that allows takeover and integration of IP devices into older systems while still maintaining the integrity and operation of the existing infrastructure. The specifics of “Blue” have been discussed in depth in previous articles.
It is critical that integrators installing upgrades to existing access control systems ensure that all software and drivers are up to date so that exploits are covered. The more IP devices, the more potential points of attack exist to disable physical infrastructure for access control systems, and this is why it is so important that the client make sure to keep up with manufacturer patches and updates as soon as they are released, as attackers will be aware of exploits, in many cases, before patches come out as a solution.
Another solution STST offers is Frontsteps access control technology. A key aspect of Frontsteps solution is “Mobile Patrol”. The fully mobile application allows security admins instant access “to patrol status updates and critical information, like incident reports and messaging.” ( Guards can give live updates in just seconds and share information for different checkpoints along a given patrol route. GPS GeoTagging assists in this process. This vastly improves the productivity and accountability of security staff as they must check in to their patrol checkpoints.
Security Technology of South Texas is happy to offer custom access control and surveillance solutions to the business security market, designed either turn-key and from the ground up, or integrated into an already existing series of cameras and access control structures.
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