Security Technology and Geovision announce new camera that performs facial recognition.

The VD8700 face recognition analytic camera, recently released by Geovision, a world leader in surveillance, features on-board analytics as well as a facial analytics program. The device is able to capture faces and store that image to allow it to initiate alerts to the user if a certain person was in its view. The VD-8700 runs on a Snapdragon 600 series processor, has over 10000 face databases, and an IR range of up to 40m.

The facial recognition software features intelligent outdoor motion detection, face detection, and is able to identify 8 faces in 15 seconds, and has be ability to enroll up to 10000 faces for immediate recall. With a  horizontal Field of View of 40 degrees to 115, this phenomenal new camera has  a relatively large range for face capture and facial analytics.

The physical camera itself is 8MP IR capable, cased in a vandal proof dome. It is able to pan, tilt, and rotate on a 3-axis mechanism; pan 0-350 degrees, tilt 0-75, and rotate 0-340 degrees. It runs on Windows 10 and has support for mobile device access for iOS and Android. Storage is at 2GB for RAM, and 8GB for ROM. The camera can run stand-alone or connected to a Video Management Software (VMS).

Facial recognition and analytics gives an existing system a new edge. Large retail chains use this technology to identify shoplifters, capturing their face when they steal the first time, so that security can be alerted immediately to any time that individual returns. It could also be used on a door, front porch, or any place where you might want to know if a specific person is coming to, and if so, if you would like to receive an immediate alert about it. There are plenty of applications for this camera as part of a larger system or just on its own, however, the most significant application it likely to be the identification of shoplifters. It can also be used in a situation where the end user might want to know if a certain person comes to a job site, commercial facility and etc.

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