Remote Video Surveillance and the South Texas Oilfield

Tips on how video surveillance can improve productivity in heavy industry

A common security problem plaguing the oil and gas production companies in the booming South Texas oilfield is securing the many entrances to the thousands of active oil and gas leases. With multiple oil companies and associated vendors accessing these busy sites 24/7, security and site integrity can quickly get out of hand. In the past, the only means of providing log in/log out of vehicles and gate control was by use of costly personnel stationed around the clock.

Using “Virtual Gate Guard” from Security Technology of South Texas, Inc., entrances to remote locations can be controlled remotely from our UL Listed  Video Monitoring Center. Cameras provide live view  connectivity to our video monitoring center and a two way IP intercom system between the gate and our facility provide an instant communication link to the gate. Our operator, following a predetermined set of rules established by the customer, compiles a report of the person requesting entry and can either deny or allow access by sending an “open” command to the gate. “Credentialed” users (drivers who have pre-approved clearance to enter the facility) simply present their access card to the proximity reader at the intercom and are logged into the system and granted access without having to interact with our personnel. An electronic record of the entry for both the presentation of the access card and a video file of the vehicle license plate and driver are logged and provided to the customer on a weekly basis.

Based on the costs of manning a gate with security personnel 24/7 vs. the costs of a virtual gate guard system, the savings over the course of less than six months is substantial to the customer.