FRONTSTEPS: Property Management Solutions

 In an average month, a community management company can expect to spend over 500 working hours compensating for inefficient workflow. That is roughly equivalent to 3 full-time employees. The causes of this inefficiency stem from using too many separate tools, time-consuming and non-centralized communications, and the processing of paper checks.


The purpose of an all-encompassing property management solution like FRONTSTEPS is to automate much of the time-consuming processes that drive that number so high. By offering resident requests, work orders, digital payments, accounting and a suite of security options in one centralized solution, FRONTSTEPS can help put those hours back into the company. This saves significant time and money every month and allows for portfolio expansion even without adding to staff.


FRONTSTEPS Community and Connect

FRONTSTEPS, the creators of dwellingLIVE, offer a range of products for the HOA and property management market to enhance and streamline visitor management, payments, security and more. Their entry-level solution “Community” aims to bring convenience to the online customer communication and service process and offers a suite of tools for that purpose, document storage, and digital management.  It also provides a secure method for accepting online payments. To create a platform for communication across the entire community, a digital bulletin board, templated emails, and mass texting is built into the solution. Resident feedback can be brought in through single question surveys and residents kept connected by Android and iOS apps.


FRONTSTEPS “Connect” is the next level of service and includes all tools from the previous level as well as several advanced features. Connect is ideal for communities with several amenities and public spaces.


Some communities feature amenities requiring residents make reservations. This can be handled in the app where managers can keep track of and approve requests. Calls and emails for maintenance can be greatly reduced by making the switch to taking these requests through the app, and scheduling and status of maintenance can be updated easily. Another interesting feature is the Community Classifieds. This private classifieds tool hosts a safe way for residents to buy and sell with others in the community.



As the industry’s only true all-in-one solution for every aspect of property management, FRONTSTEPS’ security offering is integrated with top hardware providers to avoid the expenses of tearing out and replacing existing hardware. Along with accounting, resident engagement, on-boarding and more, it is not uncommon for communities to be using upwards of 4 platforms. FRONTSTEPS securely provides all property management needs in one use-friendly platform. With “Secure”, residents can create and send one-time digital passes to guests and vendors to allow them through a gate. If your community does not have full-time guards or gate attendants, visitors can grant access by phone.


 Access control is easy to manage centrally, and times of access are controlled for specific facilities for both residents and staff. “Secure” also features real-time forensic reporting, allowing you to access important data showing who was in various places in the community at any given time. This is crucial in assisting with investigations should an incident occur.


The platform integrates with hardware providers Kantech, HID, Doorking and most 26-Bit Wiegand readers. Community directories ensure that intruders are kept out by maintaining a community-wide watchlist. A pet directory exists to help residents keep up with lost animals.


Access control involves the monitoring of an unlimited amount of doors, entry points, and vehicle gates in real time. The software integrates with existing system infrastructure. This can include “clickers, key fobs, proxy cards, [and] vehicle transponders” ( which gives another layer of security for community assets. This web-based system is backed with local storage, allowing admins to view status and connectivity of hardware in real time.


Doors can be unlocked remotely and all transactions monitored. In this way, guards and admins can know who accessed a facility and when, improving incident reporting. Another feature is license plate recognition. In seconds, visitor and resident license plates are identified and logged into the system with entry either being approved or denied. Camera integration protects assets and residents through cloud-based surveillance cameras.


A key aspect of FRONTSTEPS’ solution is “Mobile Patrol”. The fully mobile application allows security admins instant access “to patrol status updates and critical information, like incident reports and messaging.” ( Guards can give live updates in just seconds and share information for different checkpoints along a given patrol route. GPS GeoTagging assists in this process. This vastly improves the productivity and accountability of security staff as they must check in to their patrol checkpoints.


FRONTSTEPS Secure can be purchased bundled or in parts. If your community just needs access control then an entry-level option is available. As you add on services, more premium features such as the phone entry system and visitor management are included. Whether you have just one property to manage or an entire portfolio, FRONTSTEPS can help bring the management process into focusand improve the experience for both residents and staff. It is a truly best-in-industry suite of solutions and gives an edge to management by bringing all aspects of the business together.



Security Technology of South Texas is happy to offer custom access control and surveillance solutions to the HOA market, and is partnered with FRONTSTEPS to bring you the best in property management and security solutions.

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