Avigilon Blue and the Case for Upgrading Existing Systems

Many organizations keep regular schedules of refresh for  their security technologies where they replace old equipment on a set schedule, often somewhere in the 3 to 5 year range. Some choose to keep their tech through its full  usable life. In these cases, this life cycle may extend beyond warranty for the involved hardware products and past the support timeline for related software. Maintaining a balance for hardware and software upgrades is critical for keeping security threats in check and ensuring utility of security solutions. One of the most robust, nearly plug-and-play options for bringing existing infrastructure into the modern day is Avigilon’s Blue cloud-based analytics platform, which offers incredible value relative to its cost.

Avigilon Blue centers around a small piece of hardware that integrates with existing cameras while also enabling the customer to add new services and expand the platform in the future. The device is powered by Microsoft Azure to leverage cloud services deployed through a global network of trusted datacenters. The on-premise Avigilon Blue Connect device can be deployed within a day to store all video locally while also sending the data to the cloud for analytics processing. The solution offers access to Avigilon’s Subscription Center for real-time account and subscriber information and features an effortless dashboard for quick identification of trends and system behaviors. This allows isolation of issues without the need to dispatch personnel to affected sites.

Alarm notifications are analytics-based and the platform supports both Avigilon and ONVIF compliant cameras to generate real-time alarms pushed to desktops and mobile devices. The central appeal of Blue is how quickly it allows you to scale up security operations across multiple sites, in addition to the ease with which it allows takeover of existing cameras all with fewer resources and at a lower cost than the competition. Camera and system settings are adjusted remotely, with upgrades and system health checks all performed without deploying a technician.

Blue offers up to 12 TB of on-site storage which allows it to record around 30 days of HD video in addition to pushing  data to the cloud to perform analytics operations. All connected cameras stream to the cloud service platform for self-learning video analytics, but use only minimal bandwidth for this task with just 10-second analytics clips pushed to the cloud. These values are based on a standard 2MP/30 fps video stream, with Blue coming in two models; a 16-channel device ( recording at 196 Mbps) to 12TB onboard storage and an 8-port device (recording at 120 Mbps) to 8TB onboard storage.

Avigilon has also given much consideration to data security, as communication is protected by 256-bit AES encryption (typical of industry leading VPN services) with controlled key management. Various encryption models are used during data in transport and at rest, and no ports are left insecure. Data storage is also redundant locally and across data centers to eliminate the risk of data loss.

The platform is scalable from just a single camera all the way up to 33+ devices and allows for unlimited user accounts. Multiple subscription plans are available for the service, with upgrades easily performed alongside growth of the business the system is protecting. All built-in ports are PoE+ and support third-party devices (ONVIF-compliant).



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