Facial Recognition

The type of software used in facial recognition is typically built around a machine learning architecture. To be able to perform a task where the computer looks at camera images of human faces and matches it against a massive database of known faces, the software needs to have the ability to change itself as it learns the intricate, seemingly intuition driven, differences between human faces.

“Machine Learning” software is particularly important in the security operations of very large enterprises. In the last decade, Walmart and other large retailers have implemented facial recognition in their loss prevention efforts. If theft is documented by the system on one occasion, the face is cataloged, and should the suspect return, the cameras in the front of the store are able to start an alert for the human security to pay particular attention.

This is of course just one part of an enterprise level security solution, and even the smartest system will still be generally outclassed by a highly competent team of human monitors. But as Google and the other tech giants continue to invest in machine learning software for a vast array of fields, we may see its presence in wider monitoring applications. To learn more about how you can use analytic driven video surveillance systems to secure your home or business, call Security Technology of South Texas, Inc. at 855.688.2718 or at www.gostst.com .

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