Loss Prevention and Evidence Gathering

Geovision’s GV-VMS integrates with existing Windows-based POS consoles. This allows for the transactions made at the POS machines to automatically embed into recorded video and sync with the cloud. Transactions are keyword searchable and suspicious transactions can generate automatic notifications.

A common theft tactic involves employees voiding transactions to pocket money. By using a USB dongle at each machine, video of transactions is paired to these keywords, rendering the entire recorded period searchable by transaction.

Combined with GV-IObox integration, IP video recording can be set to be triggered whenever anyone opens the cash drawer.

This event can be sent to the GV-VMS platform in real time. Based in Geovision’s cloud, POS transaction data can be overlayed on live recordings and recorded across multiple locations. Paired with the GV-Notify App, this system for remote management of video monitoring can take care of an entire series of retail locations.

Wherever one or more POS machines are found, these systems can be built to tailor fit.

Security Technology of South Texas is happy to offer custom designed systems such as this from the ground up or integrated into existing infrastructure, where possible. We are available 24/7 at admin@gostst.com  on our website or via phone at 210-446-4863.

Source: Geovision