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Remote Video Camera Monitoring is Big Business in South Texas

Video Camera Monitoring

What good is a video surveillance camera if no one is watching it? This is a common question asked by business owners, managers and security directors. Traditionally, video surveillance systems provide a recorded image history and that’s about it. This does little to help companies protect themselves in “real time”, as the crime is occurring at their facility. That’s all changing…..and fast!

Remote video monitoring services are quickly becoming the service of choice for businesses that want to avoid the high cost of guards and patrol services, and use technology to protect their assets – and at a fraction of the cost of physical security. Using an offsite Security Call Center, the remote video monitoring service operators connect to video cameras at the customer’s facility and perform scheduled or random “patrols” and document the event in a report that is provided to the customer daily, weekly or monthly. Also, in the event that an unauthorized person or vehicle appears at the facility, operators at the call center can interpret video feed from the scene, and take action. Options available to the operator are:

  1. Remotely activate a siren
  2. Remotely activate a light
  3. “Talk down” through a loudspeaker with a pre-recorded message warning the intruder that they are trespassing on a secured location and to leave immediately.

Based on the situation, the operators can dispatch the authorities while the entire event is being recorded for evidence.Who are some of the types of facilities and businesses that benefit from remote video monitoring:

  • Fenced storage areas
  • Oil field equipment storage sites, pad sites, producing well sites
  • Trucking and transportation facilities
  • Car dealers
  • Warehouses with valuable inventory
  • Multi-tenant office buildings and parking garages