Virtual Gate Guard Service Booming in the Eagle Ford Shale South Texas Oil Industry

With the growth of the South Texas Oil Industry, land owners and oil companies are challenged to control access to oil leases and related operations sites in a cost effective manner, while providing desired and necessary documentation of traffic entering and leaving the property. While gate guard services have frequently been utilized to control access to such properties, these on-site guard services often prove to be inconsistent and quite expensive. In an attempt to find a more reliable and cost-effective method for securing access to property, many oil companies and land owners are turning to technology.

The Virtual Gate Guard System uses remote broadband services to deliver all of the features of the high- tech security industry to properties regardless of location. Remote live operators using real-time video feeds from the gate identify vehicles and drivers wishing to gain entry to the site. Important data is collected and logged, including driver’s name, company name, license plate information, and purpose of visit. Using a pre-established list of those who are allowed access to the site, the gate is remotely opened by the operators. At the end of every month a report can be provided which lists license plates and corresponding company vehicles associated with those license plates, when those vehicles entered the property, when the exited the property, and the length of time they were on-site. This is a valuable feature in managing time-on-site vendors, subcontractors and employees.

With the newest in solar technology, the Virtual Gate Guard service can be deployed in areas without access to electricity. Additionally, there is a variety of broadband connectivity options, including satellite, wireless data services, and direct radio.

The monthly cost to provide a 24 hour Virtual Gate Guard services is based on the average number of entry activities and the level of security devices at the gate. The cost is significantly lower than, often a small fraction of, what many companies are now paying for a manned gate guard. Some customers who use this service report an annual savings over the cost of a manned gate guard of over $100,000 the first year, including the one-time installation cost of the system.