The SlimLane 950

With many municipalities pushing through ongoing restrictions and ordinances governing social distancing and COVID related guidelines, many companies are facing a difficult reality; comply or fail. Serious fines and health department shutdowns have been seen for those who fail to accommodate restrictions on people spacing and masking, and so, companies are left with little choice. For some, this may mean cameras with the ability to detect crowding and masks, but for those with a high volume through a secured area, the solution is a contactless turnstile. These turnstiles read credentials without contact and ensure compliance with remaining socially distant and out of contact with others.

The SlimLane 950 double swing door security entrance lane offers a high bidirectional throughput and uncompro-mising security. With its transparent, elegant design and minimal footprint, the SlimLane 950 is designed to integrate perfectly into any architectural style. Its wide lane ensures easy access for people with reduced mobility, wheelchairs, large carts or wide objects. Equipped with high processing capacity and an exclusive detection system, the SlimLane 950 guarantees accurate user tracking and prevents any unauthorised use.The SlimLane 950 is a modular product that can be installed as a single or a multi-lane array and can also be combined with the SlimLane 940 standard lane model.


Its features are designed with our new world in mind and include:

  • A handrail frame: steel beam with RoHS anti-corrosion zinc plating treatment and stainless steel posts, to include photoelectric cells for user detection and the logic control board.

  • Self-supporting kinematic steel frame with RoHS anti-corrosion zinc plating treatment. The frame contains the electromechanical drive assembly for the swinging obstacle and the electronic control boards.

  • Clear, 10 mm thick tempered monolithic glass obstacles, swinging in the direction of user passage.

  • AS1167 logic control board, equipped with ARM technology and the Linux operating system, ensuring advanced traffic management. An embedded Web server, accessible by a simple web browser, offering an interface for the configuration of functional gate parameters as well as a complete diagnostic and maintenance tool.

  • Transfer of information from XML-RPC protocol through an Ethernet or USB interface, and dry contacts: passage authorisation, passage information, reader locking, fraud, equipment failure.

  • Orientation and function pictograms indicating gate and passage status to the user.

  • Proprietary DIRAS detection system, consisting of a high-density matrix of infrared transmitter/receiver photocells beams. It follows users progression through the gate as well as ensuring their safety during opening/closing of the obstacles.

  • Finishing plate for post.



Brushed #4 AISI 304L stainless steel housing is used for the panels, housing, and frame that accesses the internal components. It uses electromechanical drive units with a controller providing progressive accelerations and decelerations of the obstacle, for smooth movement and enhanced user safety. To prevent forced entry, the geared electromagnetic brake will lock down the obstacles in place.

This turnstile is rich in features and is not like what you might see in a subway or theme park. Thick but aesthetically pleasing glass panels combine with the stainless steel for a sleek and modern look without sacrificing security. Critically, such a system should comply with COVID restrictions for years to come as it requires no person to person handing of credentials, or even person to contact point.

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