Geovision 360 degree dual fisheye camera can provide real-time panorama view

GV-VR360 – 360 Degree with VR Viewing

This new camera in the GV line is the first to feature a VR mode. Google cardboard is sufficient with just the Youtube mobile app as a platform. If you have ever used Google Cardboard or any other VR device, you will have an idea of what this camera mode is like.

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Facial Recognition

The type of software used in facial recognition is typically built around a machine learning architecture. To be able to perform a task where the computer looks at camera images of human faces and matches it against a massive database of known faces, the software needs to have the ability to change itself as it learns the intricate, seemingly intuition driven, differences between human faces.

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5G and Beyond: The Future of Networking

5G (or 5th Generation mobile networks) is the set of telecommunication standards beyond current so-called 4G/LTE. Aside from increased bandwith, lower latency, and lowering the cost of implementing existing 4th generation tech, 5g encompasses hardware focused elements of web communication. Lower battery consumption, or better batteries, will naturally need to accompany a technology with greater speed and overall capability.

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Security Drones: Observations and Implications – Part 1

The use of drones for surveillance is no longer confined to the pages and scripts of sci-fi stories. While it is true that we have been using sophisticated camera systems combined with flight to spy across the Ocean at least since the development of the U2 program during the Cold War, it is the addition of modern “IOT” style tech to this equation that has opened the possibility for open (or closed) networks of semi-autonomous security devices to be used in securing important locations. Read more